How to make AI videos for youtube | Upload the Videos And earn money

In this blog post, we will see how to make AI videos and earn money from that videos. Here we will see the whole procedure to create an AI video from a laptop or Desktop.

First, you need to visit a hygen website. After that you should have to sign in with your id and password if you don’t have an id and password then you can sign up with hygen website. You can also log in with your Gmail ( Google Account ).

After that, you will be asked what you need to make videos like Teacher or youtube, etc. Then click on Create the video ( On the right-hand side ).

Enter your text on the website, there is already some given option but we have to make our videos. Then you should have to enter your script. You can enter the Audio script and Text Script also. You can also add AI ( ChatGTP ) Script.

Jenny Professional is a Free Voice on the Website.

You can review your video after entering the script and all the data like the voice clip that you have chosen.

What features are available?

You can add the template, Avatar, Text, element, and Assets.

How to Make Video Using Hygen?

After the login, You can choose the avatar, Element, and text. I have made the video from this AI website is free. If you are going for Pro ( Premium ) it cost you some money. And provide you with some best features.

The website is open like the video editor like Filmora or any other video editing software.

You can use different voice clips some are free and some are paid. If you are paying some money means it will give you some good features.

Like a voice from America, India, Spain, Sweden, and other countries.

By using this website you can make videos for Ads promotion, teaching and youtube.

How do download that created the video?

On the video section when you click on the submit it will show you the remaining timing for the download of that particular video.

If you want to see the video you can see it here.

This is the script:

Hi, my name is Meena, I am a full-stack web developer. I have completed my education at Harvard University.
Hope you can make the videos like this and earn money from this.
What are the Fees?
Yes, This is a paid service, You have to pay for more features and long videos.
If you make Video only For 1 Minute so it is free, but if you make a total of 20 Minutes/per month it will cost around $48. And if you are making a video of 120 Minutes/Month it will cost around $240.



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